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pH value6
Moisture, percent by mass, Max0.05
Insoluble matter, percent by mass, Max0.05
Chlorides (as Cl), percent by mass, Max0.03
Potassium chlorate (as KClO3), percent by mass, Min99.25
Perchlorates (as KClO4), percent by mass, Max0.15
Sulphates (as SO4), percent by mass, Max0.03
Bromates (as BrO3), percent by mass, Max0.15
Gritshall be free from grit
Nitrogen compounds (as N), percent by mass, Max0.01
Alkaline earth and iron, percent by mass, Max0.02
Heavy metalsNA
Organic matter, percent by mass, MaxNA
HypochloriteShall be free from hypochlorite
Potassium chlorate shall be packed in containers as agreed to between the purchaser and the supplier and subject to relevant provision of Red Tariff No 17 of 1954 issued by the Indian Railway Conference Association, with any alterations or additions made thereafterYes
Necessary safeguards shall be provided against risk of dangerous explosions which might occur when the material is heated or subjected to concussion or triturated with organic substances, charocal, sulphur, sulphides, powdered metallic iron or other oxidizable substances and precautions shall be taken at all times to prevent accident by explosionsYes
Packing size (in kg)0.5
The package constituting a consignment shall each be legibly marked with a description of the contents, a distinctive lot number, consecutive package number, the tare and net mass, the supplier's initials or recognized trademark, if any, and other relevant provisions of Red Tariff No 17 of 1954 issued by the Indian Railway Conference Association, with any alterations or additions made thereafteryes
The product may also be marked with Standard markyes
Shelf Life
Shelf Life (months)12
Conformity to BIS specifications IS: 708(latest)Yes
Whether ISI markedNo
CM/L Number(Must declare if ISI Marked)NA
Test Report Details
Availability of Test Report from Central Govt/NABL/ILAC accredited lab to prove conformity to specificationNo
Test Report to be submitted to the Buyer on Demand write NA if Test report is not availableNA
Weight 1 kg


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