Formaldehyde Solution (01243 00500)

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DescriptionMaterial shall clear and nearly colourless, having a characteristic pungent and irritating order, it shall consist essentially a solution of formaldehyde (HCHO) in water, with methanol as a stabilizing agent, it shall be free from foreign matter and from precipitated polymer
Acidity (as HCOOH),percent by mass, Max0.05
Ash, percent by mass, Max0.01
Aldehyde ( as HCHO ), percent by mass, (m/m)37.0±0.5
Iron ( as Fe ), ppm, Max, a)In non iron containers2
Iron ( as Fe ), ppm, Max, b)In iron containers10
Methanol content, percent by mass4 to 6
The requirements for heavy metals (other than iron) & pH at 27±1 oC shall be subject to agreement between the purchaser and the supplierYES
Chemical formulaHCHO
Assay (HCHO) (%)NA
Density (d 20º/4º)NA
Chloride (Cl) (ppm)≤ 5
Methanol (GC)(%)NA
Titrable acid (as HCOOH)(meq/g)≤0.006
Sulfate (SO4)(%)NA
Iron (Fe)(ppm)NA
Heavy metals (as Pb)(ppm)≤ 5
Residue after ignition (%)≤ 0.005
Physical form of material (%)Liquid
Colour of materialWHITE
Unless otherwise agreed between the purchaser and the supplier, the material shall be packed in air-tight containers amde up of stainless steel, aluminium or glass or in steel drums suitably lined with acid resistant material; the material also packed in HDPE barrels; it is desirable to store it in a place not below 17 oCYes
Packing size (in ml)500
Each container shall be securely closed and shall bear legibly and indelibly the following information : a)Name of the material; b)Net mass of the material; ; c)Manufacturer’s name or his recognized trade-mark, if any; and d)Lot no or Batch number in code or otherwiseyes
The product may also be marked with Standard markyes
Shelf Life
Shelf Life (years)1
Conformity to BIS specifications IS: 3321(latest)NA
Whether ISI markedNo
CM/L Number(Must declare if ISI Marked)NA
Test Report Details
Availability of Test Report from Central Govt/NABL/ILAC accredited lab to prove conformity to specificationNo
Test Report to be submitted to the Buyer on Demand write NA if Test report is not availableNA


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