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This website is being developed by 8 students studying in an Engineering College. We now have a little bit grip of WordPress since we bought the Hosting and Domain to work on this Website. We are building an E-commerce Website for Chemical Instruments. This is originally on offline business of Aman’s uncle which now we want it to reach to a bigger level.

Developers :

  • Aman Shah
  • Kapil Soni
  • Vishal Tharu
  • Yashvi Modi
  • Rinkle Agarwal
  • Rutvi Patel
  • Mansi Dhobi
  • Atifa Chitthiwala

Until now we have added a few plug-ins, some of the products, selected a theme of course and done some other bits of customization.


When we were about to buy this, we thought this as a kids job. But its definitely not. For every other new thing we have to install a new plug-in. And that too we have to choose the correct one. One thing was installed like a week ago but was of no use and we still are not able to delete it. Almost like 70% we learn from the YouTube. And many things are even explored. The most tiresome work is to add products. This is going to take a lot of time.

When we work on a big project with a whole team, the most important thing is co-ordination between the team. It is also a difficult job. We have decided to complete this website’s work till 20th. Yes this 20th. And I don’t think we are going to reach even somewhat near of that.

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